About us

The House of Natural Sciences (Naturvidenskabernes Hus) is a private, non-profit organization. We are bridging the gap between schools and companies, developing practice-oriented teaching and we support teachers in the development of inspiring and application-oriented teaching.

Our main objective is to inspire more young people to choose an education in the field of science and technology.

The House of Natural Sciences has tree pillars: Tektanken, Science Marathon (Naturfagsmaraton) and House Visits: 

School-industry cooperation: Tektanken inspires teachers and students

More students will be inspired to choose an education in IT, science, technology and crafts. That is the main purpose of Tektanken, a nationwide network consisting of companies and educational institutions, facilitated by the House of Natural Sciences.

Through Tektanken, companies make it possible for primary and secondary school students to work in practical company-related tasks and meet role models in the technical and natural sciences.

Bridging the gap between schools and industry

Tektanken bridges the gap between companies and educational institutions. The collaboration is always linked to the academic teaching in school, and the teachers receive inspiration on how the students' experiences at the companies can be translated into inspirational science education.

Tektanken has defined three principles for best-practice school-business cooperation:

  • Ensure dialogue between students and role models at the company or at the school
  • Work with business-related STEM tasks (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Gain knowledge about job opportunities for students and teachers

These principles emanate from experience and from research that shows, that interest in technology and science increases as students experience how theory can be applied in practice.

Lesson plan and competition

Science Marathon (Naturfagsmaraton) is a nationwide teaching program for 5th and 6th grade students. Both students and teachers gain experience with investigative and practical teaching, which intends to increase the students' interest and motivation to learn more about the natural sciences and technology.

As part of Science Marathon, students must work on assignments at the school for 12-20 lessons.

Each task consists of three sub-tasks. Two of the sub-tasks are, as a rule, practical construction tasks, and the last sub-task is a knowledge task. All tasks are designed to be solved by the students themselves with the support of the teachers and using materials found at school (or which can be obtained easily and cheaply). All tasks are supported by 'tool sheets' and come with explanatory texts. For all construction tasks, a video guide has been prepared.

The tasks are preparation for a competition-day in spring, where up to 24 local school classes are compete to create the best proposed solution.

One of the largest natural sciences competitions in Denmark

In 2019, the Natural Science Marathon has 25,000 registered pupils from 51 municipalities. It is therefore one of the largest science competitions in Denmark.

House Visits

At the House of Natural Sciences (Naturvidenskabernes Hus), we offer a number of activities for schools and colleges, that provide students and teachers with exciting and educational experiences in science and technology.

We want to inspire students and teachers by supporting teachers in development, and implementation, of exciting real-life teaching in science and technology. At the same time, we open the doors to more than 6,000 students every year, so they can investigate programming, animation and water technology in new and inspiring surroundings.

The science education programmes allow students to do application-oriented work on practical and business-related tasks. When the students visit the House of Natural Sciences, they use their heads and their hands. Students will build, construct, design, code, and calculate. We engage and inspire our visitors!

Teachers learn  

Alongside the student activities, we also offer teacher training courses at the House of Natural Science. The courses provide teachers and student teachers with a range of didactic inspiration and continued professional development within the natural science field.

Target group

The target group for house visits is from preschool to senior year of college. The goal of visiting our house is to enable more children and young people to experience exciting and interesting teaching in science and technology and to allow teachers to gain fresh inspiration and new skills.

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